Yang Zhiping directed the ninth session of the second session of the Youth Folk Spring Festival Gala 特命战队go busters

Yang Zhiping directed the ninth session of the second session of the Youth Folk Spring Festival Gala – Sohu entertainment planner struck during the 2017 Spring Festival general director Yang Zhiping, Qi Yuan ninth days, day China Folk Spring Festival Qi Yuan second youth Spring Festival as well as third themes to show great strides! Three party each faction and each other, are the "folk" as the theme, to create a more fit people, meet people’s spiritual and emotional needs of the cultural festival of art appreciation. This is the first national spring operation mode, opened the show form "All flowers bloom together.", have the courage to try to break through innovation, it is bound to set off a hot and bright Gala, concern and expectation! September 21, 2016, three Spring Festival Gala press conference held in beijing. Artists, youth, artists, entrepreneurs, venue representatives have arrived at the scene to help out, the joint organizers Yang Qiuping, chairman of Chongqing autumn culture Jiangsu Tian Qi Yuan CEO Li Min Liu Caiyun, director Yang Zhiping, deputy director of the organizing committee, Wang Jinjiang Spring Festival evening youth entrepreneurs spend courage have published ebullience speech, chief planner Chen Guangbiao space to send blessings. Wang Fang and Miao Wei jointly hosted He Yihang sang "a lonely two people wrong"; the "auspicious" Spring Song hey turn the audience, full of blessings to the audience through the sweet song; Mongolia singer Han Bing sing "home" conference site. The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is thirty years ago to create a national celebration party, with the changing times, accompanied by various types of Spring Festival to have met the needs of different groups, and Chinese derived two Taiwan Folk Spring Festival Gala, is to be a fine melting and beautiful effect on youth culture, folk culture. The Spring Festival Organizing Committee of the Ministry of culture of folk art development center, China local artists association, Chinese Folk Artists Association, the United Nations World Peace Foundation, China lithographic Association, Youth Arts Alliance guide and producer, CO organized by many well-known enterprises, cultural institutions, three different styles of different folk show party spring? From the content and form of art technique aspects of tolerance, also shows the common folk elements. The ninth Chinese Folk Spring Festival "which I play a continuation of" excellence program selection in the country set up more than and 50 sub division, to the lowest level of people to provide a platform to show themselves, let folk artists to the folk Gala, universal participation reflects the Folk Spring Festival Gala, is a folk art to the country to the world, the platform, the Folk Spring Festival held not only fit the government needs, also in line with the tastes of the people, it is true to our people our spring festival. For the rich people’s spiritual and cultural life, find that once did not forget the memory of the first China youth Gala came into being in the public attention and expectation, the second session of the youth Gala has slowly opened the curtain, the Organizing Committee of the educated youth from all over the country literary programs carefully selected, this is an authentic original youth gala. The first session of the youth after the show aired are concerned, the educated youth has a broad mass base, and the strong support of the two generation of youth, youth groups,!相关的主题文章:

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