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"China modern precious metal coins" the upcoming hardcover set of media sources: Chinese coin collection edited by the famous online Chinese gold coin collector Wang Shihong old gentleman "Chinese modern precious metal coins of first" – 5 copies of the upcoming completion. Thanks to our Quanyou, friends from all walks of life support and kindness of the book, under the efforts of Mr. Wang Shihong, "Chinese modern precious metal coins appreciation" (five volumes) the upcoming hardcover set, price is only 950 yuan. Then, also will start by the national senior master of Arts and crafts designed by Mr. Luo Yonghui "" China modern precious metal money appreciation "issued to commemorate the great bronze. It is understood that the editorial meeting, "Chinese modern precious metal coins appreciation" series appreciation will be held in Beijing on the afternoon of November 3, 2016, and will at the Beijing International Exhibition held Zabo money, Vol. 1-5 copies of full set of premiere. Please pay attention. "China modern noble metal coin appreciation" series editor Wang Shihong series has a very high status "issued China modern precious metal coins appreciation" series published by Chinese encyclopedia press China Collectors Association Committee Shanghai coin collection producer, art printing company limited, former deputy governor of the people’s Bank of Chinese printing, China Ma Delun preface numismatic Museum curator Dai Zhiqiang wrote the first after reading, since the book issue, won the praise Quanyou. Old Mr. Wang Shihong in order to spread to gold and silver money professional knowledge and popularization, reduce the economic burden of the readers, the book written and issued as a public good to do. All the books written costs, management costs, all the enthusiasm of China gold and silver cause of selfless dedication to donate solution, containing only the price publishing, printing and distribution costs. Is a historical China field most of the gold and silver works of Wang Shihong on writing "China editor of modern precious metal coins appreciation" the main purpose of said: I hope to systematically introduce the related knowledge of modern Chinese gold and silver coins through the book, so that readers can further understand the history and connotation of gold and silver coins, raise everyone the value of art appreciation and collection of investment, to attract more fans to participate in gold and silver, gold and silver coins Jicang gradually expand the team, improve the Chinese gold and silver coins of the brand effect and influence at home and abroad, to promote faster development of the cause of China into gold and silver coins. Write "China modern precious metal coins appreciation" is a systematic project, therefore, established the Editorial Committee of expert advisory committee, the China professional elite team took more than 5 years of time, carefully. The book through the policy makers, designers, sculptors, as well as coin collectors interview, with a large number of little-known first-hand information, reveals the development of Chinese modern precious metal coins and track. "China modern precious metal coins appreciation" with its unique academic perspective, plain text, multi angle, all-round display of the modern Chinese precious metal coin design project topics, carving, fabrication process, and probes into the cultural value, the collection of attributes, is the modern Chinese noble metal coin information encyclopedia. "Chinese modern precious metal coins appreciation" authority 0相关的主题文章:

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