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Sanitation workers couple mutual hiding illness wife leukemia husband sweep the street cold rainy days to save his wife, Sun Hongtai’s a little lonely figure. The daily news reporter Cai Junyan – whose hair more obvious, the forehead is full of sad, the past two months, Luoyang District of Jianxi City, 62 year old dustbinman red sun too, afraid to be asked about his wife Li Jiechan sanitation workers, said that he could not help tears, and his hands calloused hands, these days are still busy waving brooms to clean the road. Two months ago, 59 year old Li Jiechan suffering from leukemia, Sun Hongtai worried that the wife know unbearable, temporarily hide illness, but did not dare tell his wife in hospital has spent nearly 200 thousand yuan…… He asked the child to take care of his wife, continue to stick to their posts to clean the road, in order to maintain the livelihood of the family, but also want to raise money to help his wife. Let him and his family moved, a number of sanitation workers and people who love to lend a helping hand to help them tide over difficulties. Sanitation workers couple to each other mutual hiding illness Sun Hong Tai Li Jiechan, Luoyang high tech Zone sunqitun village, in Li Jiechan fell ill before the couple to sanitation workers busy place, only a few hundred meters apart, he was responsible for the Nine West shallow well head sections of Jianxi District, the old company in charge of Jianxi District of Tianjin road and union road intersections, two people are temporary Luoyang city sanitation bureau, and penglao human resources management company Luoyang branch signed a labor contract, each in charge of a few hundred meters of road every day at three or four in the morning, busy, busy from morning to night. "She’s been doing this for 10 years. I’ve been doing this for over seven or eight years." Sun Hongtai said, home conditions are not very good, my daughter is married son, after dropping out of school to go out to work, wages are not high, the 28 year old has not married. Old two Qizaotanhei hectic, hand grinding a layer and a layer of calluses, only hope was improved. Misfortune has hit one after another. 3 years ago, Sun Hongtai hospitalized due to illness, moved a major surgery, injury to the lumbar nerve, leaving sequelae. To make him feel at ease recuperate, Li Jiechan to him to conceal the disease, said: "you are not allowed to have to treat our pillar, no." She put all sorts of things together seventy thousand or eighty thousand money to see a doctor, Sun Hongtai later learned. These foreign debt, has not yet completed. Sun Hong Taikang returned home, and his wife together to continue when the sanitation workers, so he never expected that, more than two months ago, fever Jiechan Lee was diagnosed with leukemia in the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology, and the emergence of pulmonary infection, heart failure and other symptoms, hospitalization for more than two months, has spent nearly 200 thousand yuan. "You are our pillar, we also have to cure zaguomaitie." Today, Sun Hongtai also like comfort wife, he let the son quit working outside of the back, and daughter to take care of the patient in the hospital, told the children to hide the illness, continue to adhere to himself on the job is busy, he cherish the work, by 1500 yuan monthly pay to maintain their livelihood, to raise money to save his wife. The food sanitation workers to help partners generous "my dad is not easy, every day to the hospital, but also tried to make my mother happy." Daughter Sun Zhuoya said, father and neighbors the sick mother burst into tears, anxious medical expenses can’t sleep sleep, even going to sell the family house. There is warmth among the suffering. Let the problem相关的主题文章:

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