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Beijing Shanxi Cultural Relics Series theft case solved a large number of cultural relics seized stolen paintings – yesterday morning, the Jinzhong municipal news center official micro-blog announced that in November 25th, Jinzhong city police successfully cracked a series of cultural relics theft, arrested the suspect Moumou other 3 people, seized Luoyang shovel, torch and some of the tools, seized mural painting, bronze ware, porcelain and a large number of stolen cultural relics. Notice that since October, Jinzhong, Jiexiu, Pingyao and other places have occurred cultural relics theft cases. After the incident, the Shanxi provincial public security department sent a group of experts to solve the case. Through the exploration scene, visiting the surrounding masses, retrieval of video surveillance and investigation of suspicious personnel, police investigators determined the direction of solving. At the same time, through to the surrounding city and county public security organs issued the "Circular", and through the news media release to the community "," cultural relics "notices against the criminal activities of the notice", to mobilize the masses to collect clues. The evening of November 25th, police investigators were in Linfen, Yicheng, the suspect Moumou, Moumou captured, in Changzhi City, the suspect arrested moumou. Pingyao County Public Security Bureau, said the news, the police through more than a month of investigation, and ultimately get a valuable clue, successfully locked the 3 perpetrators. In Yicheng, the police seized a criminal fresco, brick, porcelain, jade, tin flagon, and etc., and in Changzhi County of Tunliu, police detained criminals from the murals, ancient scroll, stone pillars, bronze pieces, seized the tools of crime. Currently, the case is under further investigation. According to the Pingyao County Public Security Bureau count seized artifacts photos captured relics, part of the mural is framed on the photo frame, about 40 pieces of cultural relics. Informed sources told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, last night, the two cultural relics have been seized in Jinzhong City Cultural Bureau registration. In November 14th, Shanxi Jiexiu municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department issued a notice that the night of November 12, 2016 to 13 am, Jiexiu city of Hongshan source Temple eight screen glass jade heart two stolen. November 23rd, the newspaper had reported in Shanxi Province in the past 3 years, at least 10 of the murals were stolen, of which 6 stolen murals located in Jinzhong. Text reporter Qu Chang相关的主题文章:

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