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Games You may have thought that playing online games for girls is just about giving fun dressing up an avatar. But fashion dress up games can also be a real entrepreneurial experience. Websites such as GirlSense enable teens and tweens to create their own e-boutiques, where they exhibit and sell clothes that they have created. Everything can be designed with the advanced user interface the boutique colors, and the clothing styles and patterns. Teens and tweens can sell their designs to other girls for virtual money. Now, with help of a new feature called MarketPlace, girls can buy and sell their personal designs in a virtual auction house. MarketPlace works just like a real auction house you can bid, view highest and lowest prices, and see the time remaining until the auction ends. All these features can give teens and tweens a real sense of satisfaction. This is because they are not merely fashion dress up games, but also a real grown-up experience. Furthermore, by creating their own boutiques, girls get to express their own sense of fashion as well as their individuality. Games for girls are currently very popular with teens and tweens, who enjoy the freshness of the concept, as well as the traditional aspects of playing games. To play fashion dress up games, girls create the design of their choice by dragging and dropping items from the e-boutique selection onto an avatar. To make the whole experience more real, online clothes games, such as those featured on GirlSense, include e-boutiques based on real fashion brands. Dress up games for girls are the perfect expression of the web 2.0 revolution. Web 2.0 emphasizes collaboration. At, girls can play, join groups, and communicate with other members in a variety of ways. Games for girls are not a new idea. Girls have been playing with the Barbie Doll for over 40 years. However, for girls to play new fashion dress up games with the Barbie Doll, parents had to buy new outfits, and that meant spending more money. Online clothes games, such as those offered by GirlSense, are free. GirlSense also regularly updates their website with new games, which match the latest fashions and trends. That’s great news for players, who will no doubt return again and againt to seek new experiences. Fashion dress up games are sure to stick around for quite a while, and that means that we are probably going to see many more happy teens and tweens spending time exploring this concept on the Internet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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