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Ecommerce Given that internet has invaded the lives of people, who now wish to fulfill their every requirement through online shopping, business organizations have realized that it is imperative to have an online store or ecommerce website. A business by means of an online store can easily attract the customers over the internet. However creation of such a store demands extra effort as it must incorporate the desired functionality to enable a friendly shopping experience to users. In this regard Zen Cart, an open source online store management system presents itself as a great solution as it has been developed specifically to offer the best features and create comprehensive Ecommerce sites. The ability that Zen Cart offers to transform the designs into utility based websites has led to an increase in the demand for PSD to Zen Cart Conversion. Designs in any format can now be easily converted into effective sites with the use of this shopping cart software. How Zen Cart Integration Can Add Value To Your Online Store? 1.Easy Product Management It provides well organized Catalog option under its Administration Menu which makes it extremely easy to manage the various products. You can add Categories, Sub categories to products and at the same time add new products and edit various products. It also enables you to carry out changes to Product listings, Attributes, Pricing and Customers Reviews in a much simplified manner. 2.Template Customization Zen Cart offers the desired flexibility to customize the Templates to create a different appearance of your shopping store. As per the needs of your business, you can do the modifications to the various aspects of your site. 3.Multi Language Support Zen Cart allows you to incorporate the language of your choice in the site. All you need to do is download the language from Zen Cart Downloads or create it through cPanel’s file manager/FTP. After doing this, there is a simple procedure to install the preferred language. 4.Multiple Payment Modes It makes available several modes of payment by supporting various payment processors such as PayPal,, etc. Product prices can be also be determined in multiple currencies. 5.Enables Search Engine Optimization Through Meta tags With Zen Cart, you can manage keywords and descriptions for Meta tags for each product. It is done through administrative interface. It also generates relevant keywords for search engines. 6.Excellent Shipping Management It handles all matter related to shipping whether it is estimating shipping cost, tare, weight, etc. Zen Cart also offers support for multiple carriers. The above mentioned are some of the major benefits that one can avail by opting for PSD to Zen Cart conversion. There are several other advantages as well such as Multiple ad banner controllers, Newsletter Manager, Discounts Options, Facility of Extra Pages, etc that can combine to make an ecommerce site functionally oriented and user friendly. Thus PSD to Zen Cart is an ideal way to create an online store which represents a perfect combination of design and functionality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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