however it should not be seen as an alternative for expert dental treatment. About the Author 副教授剽窃论文 重庆新任公安局长

UnCategorized Garlic also has a long reputation in folk medicine and mythology for its health giving properties. If you don’t like the taste or smell of garlic but are still interested in its medicinal reputation then you might like to consider buying nutritional supplements instead. Many people prefer to take garlic supplements as part of their vitamin and mineral regime. These multi-vitamin-like pills and capsules have the advantage of avoiding garlic breath. However when it comes to cooking, there’s really no substitute for the original and multiple flavours of garlic. Essential hypertension and garlic Essential hypertension refers to the case where there is no obvious single cause of high blood pressure. There are many factors that can contribute to essential high blood pressure, the most common of which are lifestyle related. Garlic is not a substitute for prescription medicine or lifestyle changes, however it has long had a reputation for assisting with blood pressure management. The research data seems to support the role of garlic in cooking or as part of a tablet nutritional supplement in reducing blood pressure. It appears that the reputed beneficial effects of garlic on blood pressure come more from the garlic sulphides than from allicin. Garlic and toothache You probably won’t find raw garlic in your dentist’s surgery – but it has long had a place in lore for the treatment of toothache. Hippocrates himself recommended garlic for tooth ache. The reason that garlic can be effective in relieving the pain of toothache is almost certainly the allicin – a compound with a powerful antibiotic effect that is released when garlic is crushed. Most traditional uses of garlic to alleviate toothache suggest placing a crushed bulb inside the mouth, next to the tooth. Sometimes the garlic is used in conjunction with clove oil as a health related nutritional supplement. Garlic might provide some short term nutritional supplement that acts as a pain relief for the pain of toothache, however it should not be seen as an alternative for expert dental treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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