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Mortgage-Refinance As a homeowner facing foreclosure, you may have several other options available to you. Before you know what those options are, you must contact the lending institution that holds your mortgage. Whether you are asking for a mortgage modification or refinancing, your lender will likely ask you to write a hardship letter as part of their evaluation process. Knowing what should be included in these letters is essential to obtaining the help you need. Hardship letters can be written to ask for a forbearance period, which is necessary when a homeowner just needs temporary relief from paying the mortgage. They can also be written to apply for refinancing options under the government’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP). Hardship letters are especially important when applying for a loan modification. Hardship letters needs to explain to your lending institution the status of your economic situation. In the letter, you need to explain why you need financial help to avoid foreclosure on your home. The bank then evaluates whether or not you qualify for the assistance. It is extremely important that you write a proper hardship letter when applying for a loan modification. Clarity is a key to writing an effective hardship letter. It is very important to clearly state your income and your expenses so that your lender knows how much money you have available each month. Explaining difficult personal situations that cause financial difficulty is important as well. Such situations include unemployment, divorce, reduction of salary, lack of overtime, or extended illness. The single, most important key to writing a hardship letter is to provide a plan to show the lender how you intend to reduce your mortgage debt and get out of your financial troubles. Feasible payoff plans work in your favor, as lenders want to make this assistance to make financial sense to their own institutions. Clarity, honesty and proposal for the future are the keys to a letter that will give you success in obtaining a mortgage modification, a forbearance period, or refinancing. Although a proper hardship letter is a good first step toward getting your mortgage modified, there are more steps and pitfalls that you can fall in to. You will need to learn the subject like the back of your hand. One resource that will help you a lot is a do it yourself loan modification kit. One such kit is 60 minute loan modification. The kit was created by a real estate professional who has modified numerous home loans including his own. The kit includes a hardship letter outline, and much more. It is a great product that many have used successfully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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