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UnCategorized The newspaper the Daily has reported that Paula Deen, the queen of heavy cooking, would come out with the confirmation of her secret life as a Type 2 diabetic. There have been many rumors as to Deen’s issues regarding her blood glucose levels as early as April when two tabloids, namely The National Enquirer and the Daily Mail reported on the issue. There have been numerous reports that the larger than life television chef has been hiding her disease for it would drastically affect her credibility and ratings as an on air chef. It is expected that her fans would be upset if they learn that Deen had kept this health issue for so long. It is known that diabetes is caused by heavy eating and her show endorses eating delicacies such as turducken, a hybrid of turkey, duck and chicken. In the past months, Deen’s show has explored other activities away from fatty foods and has started to sell flavored lip balm and has announced the unveiling of her own clothing line. She has completed a best-selling cookbook and has signed on to a couple of more books. A spin off from her show, with son Bobby, has done a Cooking Channel show entitled "Not My Mama’s Meals" that focus on healthier versions of Southern favorite meal preparations. Paula has also opened up on many aspects and facets of her personal life. When she guested on the Dr. Oz show, she admitted that she had smoked cigarettes. There is a soon to be shown interview of Deen right in her own home as an episode for Oprah’s new show on her network, OWN entitled Oprah’s Next Chapter. This may be the perfect venue for her to admit to her loyal fans her battle with this metabolic condition. The main reason, according to the tabloid The Daily, why she chose to admit her condition is because of the money. It has reported that Deen has entered a deal with drug company Novartis, as she would endorse diabetes medication. This clearly is how a debilitating condition can become a source of financial windfall. A source from the drug company though has denied any involvement or any discussions as to engagement for a multi-million dollar deal with Deen. According to a spokesperson for the drug company Novartis, the company is not working with Ms. Deen. Many of her loyal fans await with bated breath as to the truth or falsity of these diabetes rumors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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