New Hampshire woman was successful in robbing a Rite Aid store 天佑回应杨幂事件 8名男子潜入航母

UnCategorized One’s choice of career usually requires education and/or training. Success in one’s career usually depends on attention to detail – especially for those who choose a career in crime. Nevertheless, Salvatore LaRosa and an unidentified accomplice followed home the owners of a pizzeria in Staten Island, New York. The wannabe robbers wore the prerequisite masks. They also had guns, which they pointed at the pizzeria owners when they demanded they be given the bag holding the day’s proceeds. The so-called criminals then fled with what they thought was a bag full of dough. It was – pizza dough. A thief in Fairbanks, Alaska wasn’t cut out to be a criminal either. The unidentified man was successful in taking a safe from a home without leaving signs of breaking and entering – not easy for beginners. However, the safe – which measured about a cubic foot and was relatively light – only made it to the backyard of the victim’s home. The thief carried out the crime, but he didn’t carry it very far or proceed very thoroughly. According to state troopers, the safe contained $100,000 when it was stolen and it contained $80,000 when it was found. Obviously, the thief’s heart wasn’t completely in his work. And it might be time for 43-year-old Bonnie Usher to reconsider having a life of crime. Although the Manchester, New Hampshire woman was successful in robbing a Rite Aid store, a motorist not only saw her run from the pharmacy parking lot, but he also saw her throw objects from her car as she made her getaway. The police were able to find a ski mask in the area pointed out to them by the witness, but that’s not what led the police directly to her home to make the arrest. It seems Bonnie Usher’s getaway car had vanity plates that said "B-USHER". If first you don’t succeed as a criminal – give up. Hopefully, that was the lesson learned by India Banks. When the 23-year-old resident of Clairton, Pennsylvania was pulled over at a roadblock, state trooper Stefanie Plume asked to search the car. After agreeing, Banks asked the trooper to toss her child’s wet diaper into a garbage bag in the backseat. Thinking it was strange Banks didn’t do it herself, the trooper checked inside the diaper and found a small bag a marijuana – giving new meaning to the colloquial expression "Pee or get off the pot". About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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