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Software Being a software developer myself, I know how difficult it is to develop software. The efforts we need to put in for making the software run is a very difficult task. You have to check each and every program, round and round again to validate the program. From where Im seeing life, our life is similar to such software. In our life too we need to develop codes through our behavior and there are bugs when something doesnt go right as we think, so we have redo the coding or erase that part from our life. The uniqueness of such software which we develop is that they sometimes work right from the first time itself. We neednt check the coding second time as it displays the exact results which were expected from the software. Sometimes our life also shows the same behavior as some of our risky undertakings get completed without breaking a sweat. In life when everything is not right, we try hard to make it right similar to what we do when we are developing software. As the saying goes if the end is not happy then it is not the ending. We do the same when we are working. To be honest, we are not concerned about the people who will be using the software, what we are concern more about is we want appreciation from our seniors and management. Its a truth; we are not worried about who will be using our software? We want our work done perfectly done as designed and it shouldnt have bugs in it. In real life too, we are mostly concerned about our own happiness and satisfaction. We never worry about others as long as they are not related to us. In this world, if we think of others, then we will be the biggest losers of the world. Im not writing this article because Ive lots of free time. Its because I saw the similarity between my profession and life today. Currently Im working for Panoramic Universal Ltd. that is into providing Software Development and consulting services to its clients. Some of the software which I develop could be found in their websites, which includes Jewelry Management system and recruitment management system. These softwares were my pet projects and Im happy to see them grow. In our life too we have some things which are very close to our hearts. It may happen as the time passes you cant show your affections towards these things publicly. For e.g. a little girl has a doll for her company in her childhood. The affection with the doll which she feels till the time she is child could be shown anywhere in the public. She cant show the same affection with the doll in public, when she grows up. Similarly I couldnt always think about that software which was built without any error at the first go. Life teaches you such things and you have to follow the rules set by the society. Today, at least Im happy that I came to know what actually life is. I just compared it with my profession, others could compare it to their and still find many similarities with it. Im happy to have a good job at Panoramic Universal Ltd and a family including my wife and daughter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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