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An Introduction To Vmware Cloud Services Posted By: businesssolution93 Vmware Cloud Services Vmware Cloud Hosting Vmware Cloud Services Benefits Of Enterprise Cloud Services And Cloud Migration Strategy Posted By: businesssolution93 Enterprise Cloud Services Managed Cloud Service Provider Enterprise Cloud Services Posted By: Jennifer Lewis Any writer in the world who is familiar with the BYOD technology can endlessly write about the risks and potential security problems arising every coming day. But, sometimes I wonder that have we approached the risks entailed with this technology in a wrong way. A recently concluded study conducted by the US based managed cloud service provider company reveals that 80 percent of the 700 IT managers surveyed, agree that BYOD is a "new normal" while 45 percent admitted its adoption at their workplace. The second figure disheartens me especially after reading the first figure about acknowledgement of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as "new normal". However, one point that I would clear now is that BYOD is not at all a new concept. Employees from companies across the US were using their personal laptops at offices earlier too however; this act never got any name. Later with the invention of smart phones and business phones, the concept of BYOD came under spotlight and gathered more recognition. The surveyors also reviewed the acceptance of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and found that 51 percent IT managers consider desktops as the safest solution to access data from smart devices.enterprise mobile app companies apps development dallas enterprise mobile app companies 相关的主题文章:

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