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Travel-and-Leisure Generally speaking, a product to be called the "God Machine", at least to meet two conditions: with strong performance, qualifications flat enough to hold up "God machine" of the surface of the face; enough life cycle, the longer better, more short-lived product called "Ray machine." Panasonic LX3 has been called the God of the majority of faithful color machine, one to the large aperture lens has been a dream of all indicators, and secondly, its long life cycle, and the very preservation, which updates the changing speed of digital products in the rare exception. LX3’s success has strengthened expectations about its replacement, crying and so after two years, Panasonic has finally released a new generation of LX5, LX3 whether it can continue the magic of it? Panasonic says that in comparison to the LX3, the LX5 has been "…fully re-designed in the lens, the CCD and the image processing engine together with other improvements and upgrades." The LX5 has design echoes of the company’s impressive GF1 hybrid, yet with non-swappable bright F/2.0 lens boasting an image-stabilised 3.8x optical zoom (up from 2.5x) and a focal range equivalent to 24-90mm in 35mm terms. In color, in addition to black, LX5 no longer retain the silver version, replaced by a more fashionable white. Control aspects, LX5 largely continued the LX3’s design, but in the subtleties optimized to adjust, after all, the manipulation of the LX3 is quite a reputation, firms simply do not need to go to war. In addition to changing some of the previously mentioned buttons outside, LX5 mainly on the five-dimensional lever LX3 replaced faster and can be pressed to switch the trackwheel, operate more efficiently, and add the lens ring 1:1 frame options. The LX5 has picked up an AVCHD Lite HD video format to go with the Motion JPEG capability carried over from the LX3, along with a Creative Movie mode which allows the user to set aperture and recording speed during video capture. Yet the LX5 is a more compact and overall neater solution when gripped in the palm, with a control layout that more obviously resembles a step up from a humble point and shoots lower down the Lumix range. As befits a compact digital sporting a $500 MSRP that abuts on entry-level DSLR country, body construction is metal and seems well built in addition to providing a hot shoe that most compacts only dream about. The LX5 is a manufacturer’s suggested 449.99. Ouch. That’s identical to the FZ100, LX5 with the LX3 overall style, size measurements, both are almost the same. Only in some details, as a new generation of products has been some increase or optimize the LX5, such as the shoe to increase the data interface, so that could be connected DMW-LVF1 LX5 electronic viewfinder; mode dial on the new "My Colors "mode, and added a quick video capture red switch (side of the fuselage and increase the necessary HDMI connection); handle a larger, comfortable grip and stability when the better; the back of the lever body changes into a more efficient trackwheel. Get a camera battery for the Panasonic camera from : About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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