Computers-and-Technology Today’s global organization with its technology landscape of networked servers 勒令毒贩向鸡道歉 济南高速4车追尾

Computers-and-Technology Today’s global organization with its technology landscape of networked servers, desktops and other hardware equipment and innumerable software applications is vulnerable to information thefts and cyber- attacks. Though technology enhancements facilitates easy access to critical data across distant locations, the unseen loopholes and deficiencies make data and networks prone to cyber-attacks both from within and outside. Organizations need to have adequate security measures in place to combat these sophisticated threats. Organizations in their attempt to protect their critical information, either work out in-house solutions to manage the vulnerabilities, or outsource help from experts. Whatever be the mode, the vulnerability management programs ensure proper risk tolerance levels, create operational processes, and select the right technology platforms to prop up the processes. Vulnerability Management is a measurable and continuous process that facilitates organizations to understand the existing risks in its IT environment and paves way to protect the organizational data, customer information, network assets and intellectual property. With data stored in digital form being the core of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management process for any enterprise, the assets on which these reside and the data itself both needs to be managed efficiently. Further, the dependency of the global organizations on information technology to collaborate and share data and information through web applications and social-networking sites has only increased the vulnerability status of the organizations and the demands on the IT departments. However, proactive addressing of the vulnerability issues will help to significantly reduce the misuse of such facilities. Leading service providers offer an integrated compliance management solution to organizations that look for solutions to manage the security levels. These solutions conduct an automated scan of the network infrastructure and its related vulnerabilities and works as an effective risk management solutions . The enormity of the security threats calls for an effective vulnerability management solution. The solutions provided by the leading service providers ensure: 1. Accuracy in asset discovery through network discovery, mapping and asset prioritization 2. Provision of single and centralized repository for all assets and vulnerabilities 3. Ability to link the Assets to security controls 4. Facilitates exhaustive audits for all compliance related actions. 5. Remotely scans various sources for vulnerabilities The vulnerability management solutions besides mapping the assets ( documents, work-flow, repositories) and vulnerabilities to regulations through a secure web based interface, also prioritizes, designs solutions and tracks remediation of complex IT risks and vulnerabilities. Such integrated solution for managing the functions, data and tasks associated with assets helps organizations to manage the security operations in-house. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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