5 Dalian fans driving night hit 3 dead 2 injured excavator beself

Dalian 5 night tour members hit 3 dead 2 injured excavator from Dalian to Bashang folk photography fancier car at night on his way home suffered a major accident, causing three deaths and two injured in the tragedy…… Yesterday, the news spread in a number of Dalian photography group and WeChat circle of friends, the reporter interviewed by veteran photography circles learned that the accident occurred in September 24th at 8 o’clock, the photography circles said that this is a family tragedy, also sounded the alarm for photography. The news of Dalian folk songs fans suffered a car accident news, "home at around 8:30, my photography group, Tiida, pipi, pinganshifu, Momo, Qing CI a group of five, filmed in Bashang grassland to the road of serious accident, three people were killed and two wounded, mourning of elder brother, brother, sister Fu." For two days, in the Dalian photographers group and WeChat circle of friends, the Dalian photography fancier "Bashang" folk songs in the news of the accident continues to spread in the encounter, the general idea is: Dalian photography fancier in "Bashang" filming after sunset in the return suffered a major accident, group published in the name mostly their common name. Generally speaking, "Bashang" refers to the Hebei province Inner Mongolia plateau transition zone, across a number of counties, the area of magical beauty, diversity, with ecological landscape, has always been photography enthusiasts and travel lovers paradise. The 5 photographers from Dalian is fancier to shoot prairie in autumn, unfortunately, in the shooting after the completion of a traffic accident. The excavator hit the road in the middle of the night said yesterday, this reporter to verify, still unable to determine the specific location of the accident can not be sent to governor in "dam" in which area, the reporter relayed transmission through the photography enthusiasts group in the information and the Dalian senior photographers, learned of the situation is: in the accident the evening of September 24th 8:30, photographers in the car from the grassland on the way back, there is a section of the road, the excavator across the road, the driver may not notice, direct hit." Spread in the circle of friends of the text is short, but his aching heart, along with the spread of a photo of 5 people, from the perspective of photography, the picture was taken in the car, 5 people in the photo in the face with a smile, sitting in front of the two men, two women middle row is another man, this photo spread in a photography group. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the 5 photographers who are familiar with the photography circle senior wang teacher, she said that these 5 photographers are active in a number of circles in the elderly, the age of fifty or sixty years old. According to his understanding, the unfortunate death in the accident is sitting in the driver’s men, sitting in the middle of the back of the man and a woman, driving a man seriously injured. Mourning families have rushed to the funeral to the reporter learned that Dalian’s families have rushed to take care of things. As of press time reporter, there is no latest progress back to Dalian, the specific reasons for the accident and details, pending the investigation results of local police. "This is not the first time that something has happened相关的主题文章:

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