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4 year old boy drowning parents rescued by passers-by to do business without care for children in October 4th, a river of Wujiang Yun Xi happened with the children into the event, when the parents are not around, thanks to enthusiastic people to discover and heroic rescue, to avoid a tragedy. About 3 in the afternoon, Yun west police station received a public warning, a little boy fell into the river and was rescued by a man, but could not find the child’s parents, need the police to help. After alarming police to the scene learned that the 4 year old boy fell into the water, a person in the play around the supermarket behind accidentally fall into the river, the river on both sides of the high dam, the river has a certain depth, the situation is very dangerous. On the occasion of passers-by at a crucial moment Mr. Cai found the drowning child, jumped into the river and rescued the children regardless of personal danger. People around the situation also found a timely call 110, but in the case of everyone concerned about the child, who do not know the child’s parents who, where. The police visited the people around, and finally found the child’s parents, until the police will send their children home, parents know their children out of the water, was rescued by the person of good intention, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. These two confused parents busy doing business, the child ran away and did not pay attention to, the police remind parents must be optimistic about their children, in particular, do not let the child close to the roadside, the river to play these dangerous areas.相关的主题文章:

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