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The three hospital in Hangzhou in 2016 "World Diabetes Day" theme activities focus on the prevention and control of diabetes, grasping Hangzhou hospitals Department of Endocrinology "UN Diabetes Day" theme activities at present of diabetic patients in China increased rapidly, and showed the trend of younger, serious harm to people’s health. Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be prevented and controlled. Therefore, it is of great significance for the prevention and control of diabetes to strengthen the propaganda and education of diabetes and popularize relevant knowledge. On the occasion of the United Nations diabetes day, Hangzhou Third People’s Hospital Department of endocrinology is scheduled to be held in November 9, 2016, the theme of the United Nations theme of diabetes day". This event will be preaching diabetes knowledge through health education, diabetes clinic and other forms, provide on-site consultation for patients, individualized treatment. The detailed information is as follows: 8:00-11:30 time: November 9, 2016 Venue: Third People’s Hospital 8:00-11:30 Hangzhou City Third People’s Hospital of Hangzhou City Health Department 9:00-10:00 — the No. 2 meeting room 6 floor in diabetic clinic — No. 1, floor 3, No. 1, No. 10, consulting room, consulting room Tel: 0571-87823114 free projects include: 1 diabetes mellitus well-known experts in the field of counseling clinic; 2 provide blood glucose, blood pressure detection; 3 chronic complications of diabetes experience looking forward to your participation and!相关的主题文章:

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