200 months before planting Fatong dry half respond or suspended animation – Beijing stand by me shinee

200 months before planting Fatong dry or half responded: "suspended animation" – Beijing figure for hundreds of trees have withered. Zhang Quanlu she Washington (reporter Zhang Quanlu intern often dove) in bridge on both sides of the Gutian bridge two Qiaokou Gutian Road, about 700 meters on both sides of the road, about 200 trees planted before a few months, it has been dry for more than half. Why are so many trees not planted? Yesterday, the public Liu call the Wuhan Evening News Hotline 82333333, describes two Gutian Road on both sides of the street trees withered and half of the cases. Liu said that the government departments to come up with money to green, if the trees did not live, it is not a waste of money. Subsequently, the reporter in Gutian Bridge Bridge on both sides of Gutian, saw two road on both sides of the sidewalk, where the trees are planted Fatong, in a cement bed. The trees have adult thick thighs, lined up, stretching 700 meters. The scene, the reporter observed that the road on the eastern side of the trees appear dry about 1/3. Even the bud is dry, leaf is falling light. The remaining 2/3, old branch bud, still alive. And on the west side of the road, 80% of the trees have dried up. A store near the tree is planted, about three months ago, everyone is not a dry reason. Some people think that trees may be planted in cement flower beds, roots deep in the soil far away, difficult to absorb water, there are people who believe that this summer is a continuous hot sun, the tree was roasted dead. Then the reporter called Qiaokou District Bureau of parks, the staff, the green is a supporting project for road construction, is a green company to do. However, to be handed over to the garden department needs to wait a year later. Because, only after a year, to see whether a tree is really alive. If there is a tree when the transfer, the garden department will not receive, so the company needs to be responsible for planting green, and ensure survival. Therefore, the government will not spend money, buy a dead tree. At present, some trees dry, does not mean dead." The Bureau of the green garden team staff, summer heat, in order to avoid excessive evaporation of water, trees will take the initiative to fall leaves. This is a kind of self-protection behavior. Seemingly withered, maybe a rain, it will sprout new leaves."相关的主题文章:

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