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15 countries and regions, cultural and fine arts "dating" Xuzhou – China embroidery master Zhou Wuzhen live embroidery works. Zhu Zhigeng photo Beijing, Nanjing, September 30, September 30th (Zhu Zhigeng), cultural arts and crafts from China, Russia, Ukraine, India and other 15 countries and regions once again gathered in Xuzhou, opened the third session of the China? Xuzhou Culture Expo China? Xuzhou Folk Art Expo (hereinafter referred to as fair) of the big screen. "The Persian Majolica dishes above pattern are all hand painted and then baked, is made of copper and the fall deformation is very beautiful ornaments." In the exhibition hall of Iran Museum, Abbas from Iran introduced the exhibits to customers. Abbas said that through the embassy to know this exhibition, he decided to participate. Iran and China, the two countries are very interested in folk arts and crafts, I believe we will like him to bring a variety of Arts and crafts. The speech, a woman carefully selected to buy two Persian enamel plate ornaments. The customer surnamed Lu said, they are fond of such ornaments, each time to participate in the exhibition are some of these crafts back to amoy. Fair will be held three sessions, he also participated in the three time, harvest. The exhibition at a three meter good backdrop, a stork in the pond and the frog war, here is the original of shadow play performances. The performer Xiao Yang told reporters that they are Beijing in the days long pocket people shadow play troupe actor. He said, need to think shadow operation, coordination of training people. In Hanring Ocarina? Pottery Xun booth, a few good temperament elderly tourists make Han Xun play bent descendants of listening to a folk art, a song "frowning" blowing the listener gradually into the artistic conception of a dream of red mansions. "Xun above the hole, you can blow up a different tone, easy to learn, young or old." Artist introduction. The relevant person in charge of the third session of the Xuzhou Fair will set up a total of 10 special exhibition, invited all over the country and Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Nepal, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions exhibitors. Exhibits related to sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery, clay, ceramics, jade, iron, furniture, modern art and creative culture and many other categories. It is understood that this fair will be "Chinese wind heritage of civilization, art of life" as the theme, exhibition from September 30th to October 4th, local authorities hope to express strong cultural atmosphere, create a culture of Huaihai affecting the country, the masses enthusiasm to participate in the event. (end)相关的主题文章:

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